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Maintaining Resin Driveways and Resin Flooring in Tonbridge

Once our professional team has installed resin driveways and resin flooring at domestic properties in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and surrounding areas, clients will need to regularly maintain its condition. While bonded and bound resin driveways are durable at withstanding regular wear and tear from vehicles, foot traffic and weather damage, we offer some top tips about how to keep your resin flooring and resin driveways looking as good as new!

Guide to Cleaning Resin Flooring and Driveways

Sweeping Surfaces Clean


Once bonded and bound resin driveways have been laid and left to dry, the first step is to sweep the surface clean, especially to get rid of any loose aggregates. This should be maintained on a regular basis, keeping your Tonbridge property tidy from a build-up of dirt and grime. Sweeping will also prevent the growth of weeds and moss through the permeable layers of bound resin driveways.

Cold-Pressure Washing


Resin driveways can be cleaned using cold-pressure washers with lancing hoses. The pressure washer shouldn’t exceed a 120-bar rating and the lancer should ideally be held no lower than 20mm above the surface. Water-permeable bound resin driveways will absorb the water and filter it down to the water table below.

Avoid Contamination


Bonded and bound resin driveways are prone to contamination from the vehicles accessing your Tonbridge home. This can vary from oil and grease deposits, which can be cleaned using bleach products. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions before applying bleach and thoroughly wipe away the bleach residue afterwards. Stains which have resulted from cement or concrete can be removed by an industrial-strength stain remover or diluted hydrochloric acid, performed by experts in safe circumstances.

Cold Weather Damage


Tonbridge clients can prevent the threat of ice and snow from damaging resin driveways. Scattering salt across the surface will stave away the elements. When the seasons change, make sure the salt is removed.

Other Types of Damage and Repair Work


Heavy equipment, such as skips and skip hire vehicles, can cause external damage to bonded and bound resin driveways. Our expert team can repair both resin driveways and resin flooring. It can also be handy to have a supply of aggregates and resin left over from the previous installations to cover up damaged areas.

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Resin Flooring

In addition to resin driveways, interior resin flooring at Tonbridge properties can be kept clean with simple treatments.

  • Resin flooring can easily be swept clean to remove dirt and debris. Once this has been done, floors can be tidied with a damp cloth, mop and even steam cleaned.
  • Waxes, glazes and sealants can be used to alleviate blemishes or scratches to the resin flooring veneer.
  • High-gloss finishes can benefit from an acrylic polish, which will help to maintain a hard-wearing resin flooring surface, without compromising its anti-slip capabilities.
  • Resin flooring is waterproof, hygienic and durable against cracking or peeling from wear and tear, requiring little repairs or replacements.

If you require more info about maintaining resin driveways and resin flooring at your home in Tonbridge or the local Kent area, call 01732 770259 or 07522 613346.

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01732 770259

07522 613346